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            About Us
            活體動物進出口 Import/Export 動物養殖場 兩棲爬行動物飼養及繁育 動物展示 海洋館
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            PHONE : 0086-22-24650136
            MOBILE : 0086-18055951991
            EMAIL : liveanimaltrading@yahoo.com

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              Golden Land Animal Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional animal trading company located in Tianjin, China. For the purpose of exhibition, breeding, and science popularization, we are mainly engaged in importing live animals for Chinese zoos, safari parks, aquariums, and breeding farms; exporting some animals that Chinese government allows to; assisting abroad and domestic zoos for animals exchange programs, including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.  


              For dozen years, Golden Land has been providing many good animals and services to Chinese zoos and aquariums, including kangaroo, zebra,  lemur catta, raccoon, capybara, flamingo, stork, pelican, macaw, tocos.





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